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Over 12 years ago, Kerry Milligan established Stepping Stones with a dream of creating a safe, fun, and loving environment for children of all ages to learn and grow. It didn’t take long for the people in the area to recognize the quality and education of the caregivers and soon Kerry was filled to capacity.



Baby Whisperer & Toddler Teacher


Erin Eckhart, a previous Kindergarten teacher, has been with Stepping Stones for over three years. She began in the infant room and earned the title "baby whisperer" from coworkers and parents. Her keen observation skills were evident as she figured out babies' needs with or without verbal communication. Erin has a calming presence, is a champion snuggler, cuddler, feeder, and possess the ability to understand each sweet infant needs to fall asleep.


Erin now teaches in our toddler room and loves the activities and curriculum. Her amazing work ethic and ability to integrate her work life and home life means we also are blessed to have her children join our Stepping Stones family.


Natural Leader in our Toddler Room


Cassie Dilks began with Stepping Stones in 2012 as a parent volunteer when her youngest child was in Pre-K. Volunteering let to subbing, which led to a fulltime position. Over the next 5 years, Cassie taught in the infant & toddler rooms and also served as Assistant Director. Cassie took a few years to be with her growing boys and returned in 2019 to the Toddler Room. 

Cassie is a natural leader and sets an amazing precedent for new teachers. She has a rare work ethic, truckloads of patience and tackles each project with enthusiasm. Cassie has a rare gift for understanding little emotions and meeting each child's needs. Her calmness in stressful situations is a HUGE help to her Director!! She is truly a blessing and we love her!!


Experienced Pre-K teacher


Hailey Serrao has been with Stepping Stones for almost 4 years as a preschool teacher. Hailey came to us as an experienced preschool teacher. It is evident to her students and their parents that she greatly loves and cares about the profession she has clearly been called to do. Her past students and their parents come back to visit even when they no longer attend Stepping Stones... showing how much she is adored. She is patient and has the ability to see greatness in her students even when they struggle. Her faith in kids development, growth and improvement, reminds kids that they are capable human beings and can do anything they choose to do.

WE are so happy Ms. Hailey is a part of our Stepping Stones Family.  



Preschool teacher for 9+ years


Jennifer is a mother of 3 and is one of our preschool teachers. She has been with us for over 10 years!! It is a rare occasion when Ms. Jenn isn't smiling. Her big beautiful smile is how everyone knows her! Her calm demeanor reassures our preschoolers that they are capable of amazing wonderful things in their lives. She has the ability to look at a difficult situation and turn it into either humor or a learning experience for everyone involved.  Everyone adores Ms. Jenn and she has promised to teach Preschool at Stepping Stones forever! We are holding her to that!



Pre-K teacher for 6+ years


Chris is the adopted Grandma of all Pre-k students! 

Chris began her education journey in Elementary Ed many years ago. She has been a Director of a Preschool and has owned 2 restaurants!

Chris has a calm and loving demeanor that the children are drawn to. The Before School kids LOVE her activities' committees! She is loyal and dedicated to her class, co-workers, and Stepping Stones. She loves literacy and enjoys helping the children learn language, letters, sounds, and words.



Assistant Director


Janet, mother of two, joined our Stepping Stones family in the summer of 2018. She instantly fell in love with the work she was doing, her co-workers, and especially the children. Janet’s work ethic and drive to ensure Stepping Stones thrived during Covid 19 solidified the Director’s decision to make Janet the Assistant Director. Janet has passion and expertise, with over 15 years in the field of childcare. Five of those years were as a teacher at a Private Christian school teaching 1st and 3rd graders. Janet worked hard to earn a degree in Early Child Care and Development and continues to educate herself to ensure she is up to date with new information and requirements.

Outside work, you may find Janet camping, paddle boarding, reading or spending time with her family.


We are so glad Janet chose us and decided to stay!





Kerry is a mom of 3 and a grandma of 5 and counting. She has been involved in many areas in early childhood education: Home childcare, preschool teacher, Asst. director of a center, Director of a ski school, and now owner and Director of Stepping Stones. 

Besides overseeing the daily operation of the school, she teaches music and movement, plans all curriculum and drives the school van. 

Kerry loves working with children of all ages because they are so honest. She enjoys helping them grow and learn. The best sound in the world to Kerry is the sound of children's laughter. 

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