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Stepping Stones is a state licensed facility with programs specifically designed for each child to discover more about themselves and the world around them. Our philosophy is that children learn best through discovery and when manipulating their environment, making discoveries, and integrating the knowledge gained into their daily lives. We believe that by offering a wide variety of activities and a large base of exposure, children will grow and learn in a positive way. Students will learn to be successful through tasks they accomplish and their individual self-esteem will continue to grow…developing a love for learning.


Overall, our belief is that education of a child involves three vital aspects: Cognitive, Social and Emotional, and Physical. All three are vital and are included in our daily schedule. A typical day consists of a balance of teacher and child directed activities including: free play, circle time, learning centers, small group learning focus, art, science, math, dramatic play, cooking projects, music,  dance, gross motor games, computers, and many others. See our daily schedule for a breakdown of your child's day.

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  • Remembering

  • Understanding

  • Applying

  • Analyzing

  • Evaluating

  • Creating



  • Sensing

  • Responding

  • Valuing

  • Examining
  • Internalizing

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  • Walking, running, jumping

  • Sports, dancing, performing

  • Flexibility, agility, strength, dexterity
  • Coordination

  • Posture, gestures, facial expressions

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